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What kind of cuts do I get?

What is the percentage of steaks and hamburger? Here are percentages based on the way I cut my beef. These differ with every individual animal, and would change depending on how you cut your beef.
* Steaks (Rib, T-bone, Porterhouse, Sirloin, Flank) about 19%.
* Roasts (Chuck, Arm, Sirloin Tip) about 17%
* Round cuts (Eye Roast, Top Round Steaks, Bottom Round) about 9%
* Hamburger (depends on how lean or fat) about 45%.
* Miscellaneous (Short Ribs, Tongue, Liver, etc) about 10%.


Consider Cowpooling.

There are several reasons to consider cowpooling with a friend. Sharing: I just can't use that much meat my family is too small.

Buying Local: There certainly is something to be said for buying locally. Not only do you support your local farmer, but you also support your local meat packer.

Keeping control: Want to avoid purchasing hormone laden, by-product fed, and antibiotic fed beef. Or you want to make sure your beef come from happy cows? Cow pooling allows you to shop around for a local farmer that can accommodate your request.

Health Helper: You've heard the horror stories about people ingesting contaminated beef, but purchasing a side of beef- as opposed to the composites of meat (Pink Slime) sold in grocery stores-significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Wallet-friendly: You will have a portion of your food budget locked in.

If you purchase a quarter beef it will be processed in a family friendly standard cut.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact us we value your input.
We plan to add pasture fed pork and Poultry in the near future if you are interested please let us know.
We are now using Monty's Plant and Soil Products and following the Humic Advantage Program .
We are also using SeaAgri Natural Sea Mineral solids .
We have eradicated most of the KY 31 fescue and have replaced with much more wildlife friendly cool season grasses plus our Warm Season grass pastures.

If it would help anybody budget Harmony Oaks Farm will be willing to take monthly payments on the custom raised beef until it is delivered. The amounts will be $50.00 per month for 6 months for the ¼ beef and $100.00 per month for 6 months for the half beef. There will be a balance due to Harmony Oaks Farm at the time of pickup from the processor after the deposit and payments are applied. Total amounts will vary based on the weight your beef. This will not cover the processing fee. Harmony Oaks Farm will offer this as a courtesy to help customers with their food budget.


Harmony Oaks Stock Farm uses Natural Angus Beef raised using no implants, hormones or antibiotics with environmentally sustainable practices and no artificial ingredients. Pastured, free-range animals that are farm bred and raised in Harrison Co. KY. For $2.50 per pound hanging weight. (Approx. 250# to 290# per side or 125# to145# per ¼ beef) paid to Harmony Oaks Farm plus processing at time of pickup.

Fair's Custom Meat Processing receives $46.00 Killing Fee plus .49 cents per pound hanging weight for cutting and wrapping. Please contact us with special requests. Harmony Oaks Farm will require a nonrefundable deposit of $100.00 per quarter beef and $200.00 per half beef. This will be due at the time of placing your order for custom raised Angus beef. This will be applied to final balance when beef is received from processor.

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